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Lucky Kitty Crew Wishlist

Chewy’s launched a game-changing, powerful new tool that makes it easy for you to give shelters and rescues the products they need: Wish List.

With Wish List, you simply shop from the list of products they need, then check out and let Chewy take it from there, shipping direct to their door at no extra cost to you. Ready to add something to your cart for Lucky Kitty Crew?

Cat beds. We love the donut beds from PetCo. They wash so well and we can bleach the white ones when needed. Usually about $7.99 on sale or less at Christmas time! All cat AND dog beds are welcome! It’s cute to see multiple kits snuggle in a dog sized bed!
We LOVE horse saddle pads for kitty beds!! The English “Sherpa” style saddle pads are cozy and wash well. All are welcome!

Cardboard scratchers. We go through A LOT of them. The small rectangular size fits in the Kitty Condos.  $3.50 at Big Lots when you can find them!! The larger cats need the double wide size. The circular scratch pads that fit in the Bergen Turbo scratcher (Bergen brand found on Amazon or at Petco, sometimes at Wal-mart) are very much in demand!

Outdoor Enclosure prefab or built on site – needed. We have some ideas!  Let’s chat!

Sisal scratchers are great too!

TOYS!!  We go through a lot of fuzzy/stuffed toys. We seem to have lots of hard balls. The soft toys get eaten. We wash and re-Catnip the soft toys for as long as we can! We can’t get enough soft toys! Pet Stages toys are great for our kittens!

Sheets and Towels  We do use white flat sheets to cover cages, carriers… having a stock of them is nice. We appreciate any sheets that are donated!! We frequently run out of towels! We use them a lot!  Many thanks for all sheets and towels!

Bath rugs. We love rubber bottom bath rugs. We use a lot of them in the condos since they are cozy and do not slip off the perches!  Small and medium-sized are great and soft neutral colors are great.  The donut beds sit nicely on the rugs!

Active toys. The kitties LOVE the Turbo scratchers – anything with a ball and a scratcher is prime!! If it will need replacement parts we will need them too!  (See note under Cardboard Scratchers)

Pillows. We use new pillows with plastic zip covers and pillowcases in some of our kitty areas. The $2.50 pillow at Wal-mart is great! The plastic zip cover saves the pillow from stains and we love soft white pillow cases. Ahhh.  Princess kitty comfort.

Kitty cubes. Any kitty bed that the kitty can get “into” is awesome. They are especially nice for our feral kitties that like to hide. Some of the kitty “cube or hideout” type beds wash better than others. PetCo has one shaped like a TeePee that is soft gray and washes soooo well. We love them all! The more the merrier!

Baskets! The kitties love to get into baskets. Shallow, sturdy, tall, wonderful any baskets! They will chew on them so no paint or varnish is best.

Cat Trees. We need cat trees. We actually have a wonderful pile of branches to make into cat climbing “trees”. Help putting them together is needed. A great project for a scout! A great project for a creative person!

Time with the kitties. The kitties need and love play time. WE Love visitors who will give kitties lap time and play time!!!

Food. We are pretty specific about the food we feed. With this many kitties, it is a huge chunk of money spent so we want them to be well fed with few tummy issues! We buy in bulk and from distributors as much as possible. Monetary donations are tremendously welcome!!

SERVICE PROJECTS: We have many projects suitable for service projects – for Scouts of any age or for your Company Volunteer Group! We have everything from painting & building, to making toys, to loving on the kitties! Please email for a list and we will help the herd!

If you are cleaning out your clutter, we would love to repurpose and resell your donated items! We are working on an Ebay site and are planning future fund-raisers!

Thank you for anything you would like to donate or provide for the Lucky Kitty Crew, Inc.! 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization!