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Rebecca Gribben
Jennifer Mosher
Sherry Flores


Grace Lewis, DVM
Saving Grace Mobile Vet
serving Waller, Hockley, Cypress, Tomball, ​Magnolia, and the surrounding areas.

The word Lucky does not appear in the Bible! We are Lucky to be Blessed to help the kitties and families we know!

We began our journey in 2000 in earnest when we moved to the country and began helping an elderly neighbor. The neighbor’s kitty population was out of control and visiting our property so we helped “rescue” the kittens and then adults. We were Lucky to be Blessed with a series of events that led us to the most wonderful people in rescue that we are still in contact with and rely on today.

I have to say that the kitties we have known through the years since the mass spay/neuter/vaccinate/microchip and adopt out exodus have been a Blessing! They have been patient in teaching us how to best care for a kitty. We have learned more than we ever thought we would need to know about veterinary care, special diets, proper diets and most of all Love. We have been Lucky and Blessed to know the crazy, loving, playful, adorable, soft, silky, furry kitties that have crossed our path.

With our 501(c)(3) we are Lucky to be Blessed with the ability to continue the blessings and talents God has given to us to share our rescued kitties with those in need of Kitty Love. We recognize the special bond between pets and people and do our best to match those personalities.

We have many kitties that will be with us forever due to behavior, personality or special needs. We are committed to providing a happy kitty life for those Lucky Kitties as they Bless us richly!

President, Lucky Kitty Crew

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